Mornings made easier

Everyday there are fewer and fewer morning people, and I have joined the club. My morning routine consist of hitting the snooze button at least twice, wrinkling my nose when I accept that I have to get up, and finally just sit there for 3 minutes before actually get up. This of course, leads to me rushing! I have come up with a few time saving tips and a few tips to just making mornings a little bit easier.

1) Use your cellphone to set multiple alarms. My phone has a feature to set multiple and even slowly increase the volume. However, if you are not lucky enough to have those features here’s what you can do. Set multiple 23 alarms on your phone but, make the first one nature sounds like birds chirping. This helps slowly wake your mind and body. If you still use an old school alarm the best thing you can do is set it across the room. This way if you want to his snooze you will have to get out of bed to do it and will less likely sleep through it.

2) Now that you are up, drink a nice cold glass of water to wake your brain and organs.

3) Make a morning music playlist and use it as your timer. This will help set a routine and you won’t have to keep checking the time.

4) PreSelected outfits are a blessing. If you are anything like me, picking out what to wear consumes the majority of your time. If you pick out an outfit the night before, (or better yet, a week’s worth in advance) it will save you that stress. Make sure it is wrinkle free and ready to go. Don’t forget the shoes!

5) PreMade coffee. Some of us need a little caffeine in the morning to get us going. Some make it at home and some opt to stop by a café. Either way, a nice time saving tip is to have some iced coffee in the fridge that you can grab and go. This can either be pre made by you or store bought. This is especially convenient for days you are running late.

6) It’s always been said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I Make sure to keep portable snacks on hand that are healthy. That way if you skip breakfast, you won’t be binging on chips from the vending machine at 10am. Fruit is one of the best things you can keep on hand. Also, keep some granola bars in your car or desk just in case.

7) Leave anything you need to take with you by the door so you won’t forget it. If you can’t leave it there, make sure to leave a sticky note in its place.

8) Use your commute and time in traffic for you. Traffic can be very stressful, so, turn a negative into a positive! Sing along to your favorite tunes, expand your knowledge by listening to NPR, or enjoy a good audiobook reserved for your drives that way you have something to look forward to.

9) Have backups in your car or office. By backups I mean an outfit and toiletries. I can’t even count the number of times I have forgotten to apply deodorant before leaving the house, spilled something on myself, or wore very uncomfortable shoes. It is good to have extras so those minor problems don’t become major problems.

10) Lastly, keep a smile on your face. It might start out feeling forced but it will help you and others be happier. I hope some of these tricks can help you improve your mornings. Although these are for a working person, they can definitely be used for children as well. And of course nothing can replace a goodnight’s sleep. Keep these tips in mind and have a good morning!