Why Primer is your foundations best friend?!

Before becoming a makeup artist, I used to think that primer was just an extra step I didn’t need in my makeup routine. Boy, was I wrong! Now I know better and I never go without a primer before applying my foundation.

A good primer will allow your foundation to go on smoothly and will help it last all day long. Whether you are in an office all day or out and about running errands, the primer will help keep your makeup intact. And let’s face it, that’s exactly what we want after taking the time to apply it.

Now with many options of primers out there, it can seem overwhelming but my go to primer is Smashbox Photo Finish primer ($36 at any Smashbox counter). I know the price might seem scary, but trust me it is well worth it. As with any product whatever primer works for you, go for it. The best part is that a small amount goes a long way. It is a good investment and it will last you.

Starting with a clean face, go ahead and apply your moisturizer. Then, apply a dime size of the primer all over the face. Make sure to let it set for a couple of minutes before applying your foundation. This gives the primer time to set into your skin and it allows for your foundation to go on smoother.

And there you have it! By adding a little primer to your makeup routine you are bulletproofing your makeup from smudging or melting, all day long! Now wouldn’t you say that’s worth the extra step? For more tips and to view looks, follow me on Instagram: @makeupbymaribelle