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It’s the new online job-site with a  local paper job publication.


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There Are Too Many Online Job Sites!

This is why GoWitz has brought back the simple and effective newspaper concept as part of the our online site. GoWitz will expose your company’s job ads like never before. We offer a combination of an online job site with a printed job-list.  Our strategies were designed to attract every job seeker from general labor to professionals.  GoWitz tailors to every job hunting preference. The online job site is the perfect option for the computer savvy; while the Printed Job Publication  is perfect for the traditional paper reader. Become part of the new excitement that job seekers prefer because job seekers don’t like the idea of too many job sites. 

Simplify and stand out with an online job site that has a paper publication with all job categories. 


Online Job Site

Get unlimited online job posting for 30 days for less cost and fast results. No 3rd party spam mail only direct contact from job seekers.

Paper Publication

Your company’s branding is free. The unlimited online job posting comes with a paper ad for your ongoing recruiting.


GoWitz helps fill in general labor positions to professionals. Its a solutions to all industries; from industrial, education, government, health, logistics, retail, staffing services and more.

Customer Service

Post your own jobs online or skip the login option and email us your open jobs; we will do it for you. GoWitz is available via email or phone.


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Only $84 a month.

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